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Valentine Day Party Friday, February 10, 2017

The Valentine Day party was a wonderful success. There were thirty-three attendees and they had fun, good exercise and comradery. There were many who had not been to an NCB event before. New friendships were formed and good conversation flowed all evening long with many coming out to dance to the music Ken Amparano provided. The playlist put together by Sylvia and Ken was excellent with a good balance of different songs.

The hit of the party was the food. The noodles were done just right and the Chicken Fettuccine was absolutely delicious. None went to waste as so many came back for seconds and more.

The door prizes were plentiful and fun as they were unusuall. For instance how many parties do you go to where you win a hair cutting set for a door prize? Ken had even procured show tickets to a show on a strip casino. The night was a wonderful event and everyone enjoyed themselves.

MLK Parade WRAP January 16, 2017

It was still quite chilly as the NCB members began working their way to the registration tent, signing in before 9 am. They picked up the NCB parade number 19 in bold black on a simple white paper to show their position in the lineup. That meant NCB was the 19th in line for the 2017 Martin Luther King, Jr. Day parade. The excitement began to build as they realized they were actually, really, magically going to be a part of the largest parade in Clark County! This was a first for NCB. The NCB goal of providing exciting opportunities for members and friends was reaching into a whole new arena.

The sounds of the hubbub around them as they and other entrants gathered was almost deafening, especially with the music from the radio station blasting in front of them. Those dancing to the music enjoyed the impromptu street dance as everyone waited for the parade to start.

The excitement created an electric atmosphere as they left the staging area at about 10:35 am to begin the slow trek along the 4th Street route. They moved along slowly, never standing too long in any one place. The chants they did received a warm welcome from the onlookers lining the sidewalks as evidenced by their cheers and hooting after the chants. The Nevada Council of the Blind banner hung between the two lead members to announce the identity of the group.

While passing in front of the judging stand the little bio that had been submitted was read telling about NCB’s dream. The crowd roared with enthusiasm as they heard it. The excitement lifted the spirits of the little group even higher. Once past the judges the last portion of the parade seemed a very short distance with the new energy from the roared approval of the crowd.

They reached the end of the parade route at Stewart Avenue at 11:35 and wanted to keep going. It had taken only a short hour to traverse the eight tenths of a mile route. The group had completed the first parade NCB was a part of. Everyone was happy to have been a part of the adventure and agreed to come back to do it again next year. What a rewarding experience it was. A huge thank you to everyone who was a part of this exciting event.

Valentine Day Party February 12, 2016

It was a stress relieving, heartwarming blast! So many of us had been wishing for a party so our Nevada Council of the Blind Vice President put together a wonderful gathering that no one wanted to end. Many new acquaintances were made and laughter was heard all evening over the chatter of conversation and sometimes the music.

The Valentine Day Party happened on Friday, February 12, 2016, in the East Las Vegas Community/Senior Center in Las Vegas. The room was approximately fifty by seventy feet in size so there was plenty of room for the food table, the music equipment, the door prize table and many tables for the attendees set up all around the room. And still there was enough of room to get up and dance. The food was great and the music was lively and people were out dancing whether they knew how or not. Who cared?

There were more door prizes than attendees. There was a problem giving them away as no one wanted to stop dancing for them. A wonderful variety of music was brought to us by Amporamo. Food was provided by several members and it was oh so good and plentiful.

There was only one complaint. The party ended early as the Center closed at 8:30. Everyone wanted to continue dancing. What a shame to stop. What a fabulous evening it was. The word is there will be another Valentine Party next year.


It was amazing. To read it sounds cold and austere but for those who participated it was a real adventure that generated much excitement and drew serious attention to the use of the white cane by the vision impaired. The Nevada Council of the Blind held a “White Cane Awareness Walk” on Sunday, April 24, 2016, from 3:00 5:00 pm.

Perhaps the venue chosen added to the magic of the event. Where was it held? Under the canopy of the “Fremont Street Experience” on Fremont street in downtown Las Vegas Nevada. The street was full of afternoon visitors to the world renowned gaming capitol of the world.

The walk was a five block stroll that took nearly two hours to complete. The group was sporting their new NCB t-shirts and they looked like a royal blue wave flowing along. They received lots of attention as they chanted rhymes made up to tell the world why they were out and about. The crowds parted to let them have safe passage while weaving through the venders and stands all along the way. A nearly totally blind Las Vegas resident and veteran who had never known NCB existed saw the group and he and his sighted guide joined it. They began to learn there is more to the world than they had ever imagined.

The group finally reached their destination and rested for a while before breaking apart to withdraw back into their private lives. What an amazing afternoon it had been as everyone learned people do care, learn and become aware of the white cane and the user when you approach them in the right way.

Here is a picture of the group.